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Platform Overview & Compatibility

Sierra Chart is a high-performance trading platform with advanced charting, comprehensive order management, multiple data feed support, and extensive customization options. It's fully compatible with Windows, providing optimal performance. Mac users can run it via Boot Camp, virtualization software like Parallels Desktop, or Wine, though with potential limitations. Linux users can utilize Wine or a Windows virtual machine for running Sierra Chart, but may experience some instability. For the best experience, Windows is the recommended OS


Sierra Trading Platform

sierra chart

Sierra Chart excels in performance and stability, ensuring low latency and high efficiency. Its flexible and user-friendly interface allows for extensive customization to suit individual trading styles. The platform supports automated trading with advanced scripting capabilities and integration with external algorithms. Sierra Chart also provides real-time and historical data feeds from a variety of sources, ensuring traders have access to accurate and timely market information. With robust risk management tools and comprehensive support for multiple asset classes, including equities, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies, Sierra Chart stands out as a premier choice for serious traders seeking a comprehensive and reliable trading solution.


Sierra Chart’s Depth & Sales offers a comprehensive view into the Depth of Market (DOM), a crucial tool for day traders and an essential component in their decision-making process. The Depth & Sales interface in Sierra Chart enables traders to understand the dynamic interactions between passive traders using limit orders and active traders executing market orders, providing valuable insights into market sentiment and order flow.


Key Features of Sierra Chart’s Depth & Sales include:


  • isualization of Market Depth: Provides a clear view of the impact of trades hitting the market.

  • Price Level Identification: Identifies price levels where traders are most likely to get stuck.

  • Stop Orders and Trader Clusters: Offers insights into the likely positions of stop orders and where traders are clustered.

  • Trade Tracking: Tracks the canceling (pulling) or modifying of orders to react to market movements.

  • Iceberg Orders and Strategic Manipulation: Observes iceberg orders and traders attempting to manipulate the market through strategic order placements.

  • Market Momentum and Order Flow Analysis: Analyzes market momentum and order flow balance.

  • Customizable Alerts: Provides customizable alert settings for market conditions.

  • Integration with Other Tools: Seamless integration with other Sierra Chart tools and services for enhanced trading decisions.

  • Order Queue Visualization: Offers detailed visualization of order queue positions.

  • Real-Time Profit and Loss Tracking: Real-time tracking of trade profits and losses directly within the DOM.

Order flow

Sierra Chart offers robust tools for order flow analysis, enabling traders to effectively visualize market dynamics and trader behavior. With features like Market Depth Historical Graph, Volume Profile, and Time and Sales, traders can analyze buying and selling pressures, identifying liquidity and potential pivot points in real time. The platform supports customization to suit various trading strategies and integrates with multiple data feeds and brokers, facilitating high-quality data access and seamless order execution. This combination enhances trading performance by capitalizing on market inefficiencies.

order flow
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