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Order Book Trading


New to Order Book Trading?

Learn to trade with our Introduction to Order Book Trading course available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The course includes dozens of learning units, training videos,  presentations and more.

The course materials have been produced and filmed over the course of one intensive years of work at a great investment, and are of a high professional and technical standard.

  • Trading Discovery​​
    In this topic you will discover the trading style used to trade our selected market and all the needed knowledge to success.
  • Needed Psychology
    We will explain how you should act and what you should never do to keep all the chances in your side.
  • Depth of Market X-RAY
    You will learn why you need to use the Order Book and how to read and follow the market action
  • Used Software & Tool
    You will learn about the Order Book software and to configure it properly and how to place and manage your positions following market movements.
  • Dom Techniques
    you will learn first trading techniques with all conditions to validate entry and exit.
  • Advanced Dom techniques
    You will learn more advanced trading techniques that will help you identify more succefull trades.
  • Live trade examples
    You will see LIVE trading examples for our first technitques in action , we provide explanations and analyzes of every trade.
  • How to practice
    You will discover all our best practice and recomendation on how to practice correctly

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